To visit some of the commission work that DiZurita has created for private collectors, click here.

1. Send us an email:

  • Describe the concept you have for your new masterpiece with as much detail as possible.
  • Provide us with pictures that illustrate your concept.
  • Provide us your contact information. 
  • Email us at

2.  We will contact you to setup appointment:

  • Once the artist reviews your idea we will reach out to make an appointment.
  • In the appointment the artist will talk about you  your canvas size preference, color scheme preference and style preference.
  • The artist will also convey her inspired ideas and take additional notes of any editions you might suggest to her ideas.  
  • We will also document your target date for receiving the artwork.

3.  Artwork Contract:

  • We will send you a contract with artwork details and the payment plan options you selected.
  • To learn about our payment plan options, click here.