Chaotic Peace - 🔴
Chaotic Peace - 🔴

Chaotic Peace - 🔴

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  • Title: Chaotic Peace
  • Medium: Mixed Media
  • Year: 2020
  • Size: 48X48inches
  • Artist: Giovanna DiZurita
  • 6 month interest free available for all original artwork.
  • All originals include Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Shipping will be charged separately based on your address as it varies based on location.
  • The original painting is still available for purchase.
  • Currently showing in the USA

The story behind the artwork: 

The woman sits naked embracing every part of her body. Knowing that her beauty is radiant and full of life. She does not despair at any single moment in time, regardless of the situations surrounding her. Our true colors will display on a true moment of stress. It is at those moments that we most keep our poise and let our true character display taking over any situation.