About Us


Gio DiZurita is a self-taught Mexican-American artist that resides in the city of the Alamo. Her art is a pure manifestation of her view of the world, her experiences and the joy of life. She strives to share “joy & happiness” with the world and her community via her art. The use of colors always brings a smile to all those who see her art. Her art has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico and Central America across gallery showings and television interviews. In addition to her paintings, Giovanna has started a clothing and accessories art collection which is composed of a large variety of products with her artwork displayed on them. The collection includes dresses, leggings, t-shirts, decorative pillows, cell phone covers and socks among many other items. Giovanna describes herself and all her artistic work in one word “DIVERSITY”. She strives to have her art on an everlasting path of development and positive change. Challenging the status quo is the core behavior that allows her to embrace life with the desire to learn. Giovanna also uses her art in order to contribute back to her community. She works with multiple non-profit organizations in fundraising events by donating art pieces related to the organization's mission statement. The art is placed in auction and 100% of the proceeds go to the respective non-profit organization. She is an animal lover and as such works with the San Antonio Zoo in live painting sessions of the animals and donates a portion of her sales for the care of the animals. You can find her art all over San Antonio being exhibited in multiple venues including her gallery, such as, San Antonio Zoo, Univision Headquarters, Copenhagen Furniture Store, Olmos Park and many other venues and events. Her art has been obtained by people from all walks of life including, the Mayor of San Antonio and musician Steven Tyler.

Gio's Accomplishments: 

  • Nominee for Women of the Year LLS 2018
  • Exhibited her art at The Witte Museum 2017
  • Winner for Renovar Brand of the Year 2017 (SA Fashion Awards)
  • Winner for Best Art Gallery in San Antonio 2017
  • Official Art for the Eva Longoria Heroes Gala 2017
  • Resident Artist at the San Antonio Zoo
  • Youth Mentor for Family Services Youth Intership Program 2017
  • Winner for the San Antonio FIESTA Flambeau Parade Official Art 2016 & 2017
  • Featured Artist at Copenhagen Furniture Store
  • Signature Artist at Univision TV Corporate Offices 2016 & 2017
  • Official Artist for SA Champion City of the Monarch Butterfly 2016
  • Celebrity Judge of the San Antonio Flambeau Parade
  • Featured Artist for the 95.1 Latino Mix Radio Station TV Commercial.
  • Featured Artist in Univison TV Shows, Telemundo, La Prensa and San Antonio Current.
  • Official Artist for 501 Lounge at La Quinta Inn River-Walk San Antonio. 
  • Her art has sold nation wide (San Antonio, Houston, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Miami, Washington and San Diego)
  • Her art has also sold internationally in Mexico and Canada

Gio's Community Involvement: 

  • Resident Artist for the San Antonio Youth Organization 2018
  • Raising Funds through Art for Women Veterans of San Antonio Gala 2018
  • Raising Funds through Art for Eva Longoria Hereos Gala 2017
  • Raising Funds through Art for San Antonio Red Cross Gala 2016 & 2017
  • Raising Funds through Art for Child Advocates San Antonio Gala 2017
  • Raising Funds through Art for San Antonio Zoo Gala 2016 & 2017
  • Raising Funds through Art for Ride for Reading Organization 2017
  • Raising Funds through Art for Human Rights Campaign 2017


“Art is happiness without boundaries. So make your life art and become a walking masterpiece.”

Gio DiZurita affirms.