Giovanna DiZurita is a Mexican-American artist that was introduced to the world of art by her aunt Sofia. From her childhood years, she remembers how her body and mind always craved the fascinating world of lines and scribblesShe embraces every painting as a new adventure allowing her to fall in love with art.

For DiZurita, art was her destiny and salvation, art was the secret language to represent her own emotional roller coaster in her teenage years, after going through the deportation of her dad and staying alone in a strange place. During a time of turbulence art whispered back to her the secret world where her imagination was the sole creator, giving her the self-validation of her abilities and talents as an artist.

Her artworks are a colorful composition of mixed media consisting in acrylics, ink, oil paints, paper, fabric and metal. Her inspiration rises from the colors of nature and the beauty of all living organisms, fueled by the everyday connection she gets with all the things that surround her life. Every painting would probably tell you a very different story about DiZurita. Working from a range of unique interpretations, she is deeply attached with everything that deals with her emotional state and the duality of her internal balance, trying to develop the best version of herself. Each artwork is an invitation into a world where she is always trying to reach inner peace, where there is “always more than what your eyes can see”. Her artwork reaches the emotional connection with the spectator filling him or her with joy and peace. As a young artist, it is of the upmost importance to her to continue developing and diversifying herself and her career.

The work of DiZurita has been exhibited internationally across Europe, North America and Central  America. Her art is now part of private collections in Mexico, Canada, San Antonio, Houston, New York, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Miami, Washington, San Diego, Barcelona and Madrid.
Some of the collectors include musician Steven Tyler, the mayor of San Antonio and USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 

In addition to her paintings, Giovanna has started her own brand titled DiZurita. The collection includes a vast variety of products such as apparel, accessories, canvas prints, custom apparel and home décor. Challenging the status quo is the core behavior that allows her to embrace life with the desire to innovate and evolve constantly. The purpose behind her brand is to allow everyone to become a masterpiece by wearing art. In only one year of existence her brand won Brand of the Year. 
    “Art is happiness without boundaries. So make your life art and become a walking masterpiece.”
    Gio DiZurita affirms.