The Beginning of a New Life - 🔴
The Beginning of a New Life - 🔴

The Beginning of a New Life - 🔴

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  • Title: The Beginning of a New Life
  • Medium: Mixed Media
  • Year: 2018
  • Size: 36X24 inches
  • Artist: Giovanna DiZurita
  • 6 month interest free available for all original artwork. 
  • All originals include Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Shipping will be charged separately based on your address as it varies based on location.
  • The original painting is still available for purchase.
  • Currently showing in USA

The story behind the artwork: 

We are all touched by an event, person or experience that changes the core elements of who we are or makes us feel as if we get a chance to live again. To the artist that is the moment when we stop reading the chapters of our life and start writing the new chapters in our precious book. The lines within the book represent all the people who affect our change and all those who we in turn affect for a change in them. It represents how we can transcend within each other and help provide a new beginning. Every action that you take can have an eternal impact on another person. So make sure that your footprints are of love, joy and beauty.